Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Announcement on Outdoor Worship Service on February 5

Dear brothers and sisters:

Peace in the LORD! This past Sunday was the second Sunday after the Spring Festival. As people start to work in this new Lunar year peacefully, our outdoor worship service quietly continues in this new Lunar year.

As far as we know, on Sunday morning, at least fourteen believers were taken away for going to the planned location to join the outdoor service, either at the spot or on their way there. Two believers were released on the way, four believers were sent to Zhongguancun Street police station, and the other eight believers were sent to other seven local police stations of their respective area. Till 22:00pm on February 5, eight believers detained in police stations of their respective area were released. And the other four believers detained in Zhongguancun Street police station were not released until 9:00am on February 6.

Despite all kinds of challenges and pressures in this new phase of having outdoor service, we continue to look up to the LORD who sits in the heavenly place. And we know that he reigns and he is in control; he is watching over his people and he is looking at this generation, and he will give us sufficient grace as we go through this hardship. We need to pray earnestly, to ask God to protect us and bless us in this trial, so that we will wait for his work with hope and peace, for “none who wait for you shall be put to shame.” (Psalm 25:3)

May peace and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the mercy and love of Father God, and the console and guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Advocate, be with each brother and sister of Shouwang Church and all the churches who remember Shouwang Church in prayers, from this time on and forevermore! Amen.

Beijing Shouwang Church